Wednesday, January 24, 2018 11:33

Who is Sarcalogos?

Sarcalogos is the beginning of a new era of revolt against the true scum of society. THE RELIGIOUS ONES! We are more than a band, we are terrorists using music and outlandish acts as destructive force. WE ARE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE. Be afraid when the sun goes down, take heed when you turn the corner, for Sarcalogos is waiting! Kill yourself before we come for you!


The “Christian Satan” is a theological construct used as a fear tactic to herd people into a set of beliefs. We see satan as the ultimate opposite. Not a figure, not somebody that ever existed but as the absolute opposite force of what organized religious groups want you to believe. Our black art is loosely based on these “guidelines”:

- Reject all forms of organized religion
- Follow natural instinct
- Stray from the herd mentality
- Feel no guilt for so called “sin”
- Find strength through living without the guilt & pressures of bullshit religions

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