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Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

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Friday, June 7th, 2013

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Tour Demo Review

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

I’ve never been much of a black metal fan — if I even remotely came to liking any of that stuff I’d prefer to hear it mixed with thrash metal elements (since thrash metal is really my territory when it comes to extreme music). Bands like Sodom, Sarcofago, Venom, and Celtic Frost did it quite well for me, to be quite frank.

Having said that, I’m not the least bit surprised that this demo sounds like good ‘ol raw black metal: Sarcalogos Occisor’s screams and growls bring a young Tom Angelripper to mind (he should consider that a very nice compliment as I am very picky when it comes to most modern black metal vocalists). The riffs are a bit noisy, sure, but they’re still pulled off quite nicely for this style of music. It’s too bad that it’s just him on guitars and D. Phillips on drums, as I feel having a bassist onboard could have thickened their sound much better. Nonetheless, both musicians perform quite well here.

This demo CD-R was given to me when I went to go see Sarcalogos play in June 2012. The band was unfortunately the first one to go up, although throughout their set they still fucking tore shit apart! Lots of fun that night.

“Pray. Worship. Burn.” is the opener here, and it is far by my top favorite track so far. The band comes ripping through with a fierce motherfucker of a riff that just thrashes your ass off. Then it kicks off with blastbeats. The song slows down a tad during the bridge section, but quickly picks up the pace again on the chorus and onwards. Following up is the track “Bloodletting Upon the Altar” which is a bit more melodic and sounds more controlled than the opener.

Songs “In Nomine Sarcalogos Occisor (In the Name of the Christ Killer)” and “Perversum Crucis (Invert the Crucifix)” were recorded with session drummer Shane Brown (ex-Mortal Remains, The Drip). His style however is more grindcore than black metal, I would say. But he does bring a bit of a technical twist to the music. It’s only a shame the snare and bass drums are nearly nonexistent throughout the jams!

Looking forward to hearing more from these guys. So yeah, if you are into old school black metal, prepare to get your face thrashed by Sarcalogos!

RATING: 3 dismembered goats out of 5

Review by Alan @ hardasiron