Friday, February 23, 2018 14:06

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you say the band name?
A: Think “Sar” like “sor-ry”, “cal” as in a phone “Call”, oh, “gos” as in “ghost” without the T. Sarr-kahh-low-ghos or Sarr-call-uh-goes

Q: What does Sarcalogos mean?
A: It is a Latin word and has many translations. The Latin to English definition of Sarcalogos is “The Word Incarnate” or, as we translate it: “Words Made Flesh.”

The translation that made the most sense to me was “words made flesh” which I attribute to the process of songwriting, beginning with the words (the seed) and the music (the egg) and the final product, something tangible, a song…FLESH!

It has also been translated into “christ, the word incarnate”. You may think “Oh what the hell I thought it was evil”, well Latin is considered a dead language, and well…Your Christ is dead! Deal with that!

Q: Are you guys racist or nazi?
A: No! But we will laugh at any jokes you have regardless!