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I. In Nomine Sarcalogos Occisor (In The Name Of The Christ Killer)
I ache for the taste of cold steel, For I feel I will not prevail, Through the solstice, Of winter, My hatred for life ever stronger, Yet I tread frostbitten fields, As a cold moon sends shadows on the forest, Alone, I walk on, But an aura fills the cold night air, Satan takes me along this path, And brings me upon a desolate woodland, And my wishes are granted, With the barrel of my gun, The pentagram burns, Black candles mark the points, As I ask the prince of the south, To grant me the strength to pull the trigger, And pass through burning obsidian gates, Ritual suicide my only release, In Nomine Satanas, In Nomine Sarcalogos Occisor,I yearn for the end of existence, And trust my remains shall burn, I want no christian burial, Bring torches to my funeral

II. In Diabolus Pars Eternus (On Satan’s Side Forever)
Force my evil member, Between her thighs, Kissing the holiest of lips, Push my devils tongue Into her mouth, De-christianize the clit, I’m the only one Who gives her pleasure, Her god is gone, Her faith is gone, (She’s) On Satan’s side forever,She’s the only one, Who once was a teacher, Her trust was lost, Belief was lost, Bloodlust forever, We are aflame, In Satan’s Name, Lust burning deeper in our souls, We are aflame, In Satan’s Name, Fucking her evil gaping holes, Spill my demon’s seed upon her chest, Where the crucifix used to sit, In the bed where she prayed every night, We lay entwined in cold moonlight, I hold her limbs, she moans in vein, Orgasmic now screaming your savior’s name, god ,  On Satan’s Side Forever, In Diabolus Pars Eternus

III. Perversum Crucis (Invert the Crucifix)
I am cold sorrow, Mourning beneath the winter sun, Comfort in seclusion, Speaking is misery, Full Unholy Grief, Scorching through my veins, Tortured, Scarred, From the darkest corners of my soul, I command blasphemy, And howl hatred at the gods, Perversum Crucis Eternus, False beliefs, Christian disease, Kneel before the cross, Weak and worthless sheep, I call out to you, Know his name, Feel his fire, Hail Satan’s name, I believe, From my experience, In the darkness of life, All that’s holy is false, I find strength, Through this new spirit, Black flame burns within, I feel no guilt for sin, Invert the Crucifix

IV. Subsisto Ut Futurus (Ceases To Exist)
Baphomet, Freezing winter skies, I am led here, Alone, Aware, Strike me jesus christ, In my refuge
Suffering, In the dark, Where light ceases to exist, Darkness, Eternities of failure, Beneath a depressed moon, I am cursed, Sweet misery, Greets me once again, Sweet misery, Fucks me once again, Where light ceases to exist, Seasons, When skies are clear, My visions, Lost, Sinking, I possess no fear, as I enter, HELL, Depression, Breeding hate, Block out the light, Now fill my, Fists with hate, crushing her eyes

V. Pontis Diabolus (Satan’s Bridge) Instrumental.

VI. Bloodletting Upon The Altar
I pass from light, Into the kingdom of eternal night, My own cold hatred, Released as I push the blade, What I was living, The same I am now, No conscience, No morals, Dead, Misery, Cursing Existence, As the candles burn, Secluded in dark rooms, Bloodletting, Upon the altar, Ancient form of ritual, Rivers of crimson, Flow from the wound, With my shadow in front of me, I walk away from the light, From the dark I came, And thus I shall return, No funeral, No fucking priest, I face my death alone, Possessed by total hate, Not old age, Nor disease, Nothing will end my life, I will end it my fucking self

VII. The Prevalence Of Alchemy
Sarcalogos, Never rests, Further proof that sleep is for the weak, While others, Waste the earth, We aim to spread misanthropy, Reject the holy, Stab the heart of blind worship, Suffer for art, Those faithful to the cross will never understand, It still exists in me, The need to question, One’s own place on earth, Few have found their calling, But I, I am the annihilator, Placed by dark force, To eradicate the word of gods, Alchemy prevails, From the ashes of sinners, Come trees, Fallen by my axe for eternity, Feel the weight of alchemy, Placed upon my shoulders, Religion will be erased, Art used as force, Shivering in eternal shade, They will sleep the evil sleep, Descending to the last rim of ice, Followers suffer forever, Leave no trace of religion on this earth

VIII. Pray. Worship. Burn.
Where do you go, after the preacher touches your son, You call it faith, I call it delusion, When the wolves are gathered, The sheep stand no chance, Under the cloak of the night, Fear will be struck into your hearts, Beg for forgiveness, Pray because you are afraid to be wrong, I know what happens after death, The lights go out and then you rot, I exhale only evil, I breathe only truth, This is an open threat, To religion across the earth, We’re coming for your lives, Kill yourself before we come for you, In the valley of shadows, Beneath the burning stars, Herded by your own kind, As horses with blinders, We are heresy, The word incarnate, Pray, Worship, Burn

IX. The Cleansing Power of Flame
Reversal of Baptism, remove holy water from my skin, only through fire, will I achieve rebirth. Set fire to the torch, begin the ceremony. Descend into the inferno, burn away all my fear. These words become flesh, this dream is realized, pull the knife across. Slowly carving, into your own flesh, virgin blood release. Cut! Please grant me, unholy, cleansing power of flame. Please grant me, unholy, cleansing power of flame. Harnessing, the cleansing, power of flame. Harnessing, the cleansing, power of flame!

X. Bleeding Thy Servant
Carnal desire, I cannot fulfill, something comes over me, can’t stop the bestial lust, another drink, give me the drugs, eyes locked, you’re mine now, in you deeper than you’ve ever felt, you say it hurts but I don’t stop, can’t stop, I’m too far gone, sexual urge, acting on impulse, sex becomes inevitable, slave to my addiction, spinning out of control, you will tremble as my hand constricts your neck, screaming in ecstasy, obsessed with pain, erupt, as I achieve release, I become your god and I can feel you shaking, lust, for youth and blood, I become your god, I can hear you and I can feel you shaking.

XI. We Feed Strippers Coke Habits
We give you money to take off your clothes, you take the money and you go buy coke. Strippers. Coke. Habit.

XII. Bourbon, Bong Hits, Bitches
Weed, Whiskey, Women. Bourbon, Bong Hits, Bitches.

XIII. Nothing Beyond the Grave
There is no time to waste, leave all traces of normalcy, escape this life of peril, return to dirt, The purpose is found, under the guide of the fallen angel, escape this life of peril, return to dirt, visions of the end, clouds drawing nearer, visions of the past, nothing left to wait for, drink the elixir, turn off your mind, inhale the fire, making you high, as the eternal sleep awaits you, the nightly sleep escapes you, create and be remembered, for art outlasts the body, live to pervert and destroy, for there is nothing, beyond the grave.

XIV. Transvaginal Mesh Insertion Surgery
Walls are blown out from the pounding, now the walls require mending, sling system is designed to support the urethra, cut the fucker into pieces, now that shit’s all fucked up, vaginal support device, vaginal mesh surgery.

XV. Torturous Halls of Earthly Existence

Movement I: Solitude
The eternal sufferer, knows not of I
Every waking minute in pain
Declining from public ways

Solitude, the only way to seek wisdom
And Death, The great initiation

Movement II: Knowledge
I have gazed upon the sky
Read the legacies in stone
Forging my own path
Standing tall upon the apex
Though a speck in the universe
A monolith of man

Movement III: Realization
I am he who was stoned, I am the adversary
The winged serpent, pleading for your destruction
Striving to achieve your undoing
And deliver you to the hands of evil

Movement IV: Awaiting
All that grows from the earth
Shall be cut down
Death, reap me from the field of life
Be swift with the blade of your scythe
I suffer on this soil
Yet suffering suspends
When I become one with the dirt

XVI. Operation Vest Crime
Geoff Tate’s shitty vest
Smoking lots of marijuana

XVII. The Flood Is Inevitable (Floods I)

Down on your knees every Sunday
Nowhere to kneel when the church is washed away

Hailstorm, windstorm, snowstorm, fog

Torrential downpour
Nothing can stop the oncoming waves
Funeral windstorm
Nothing can stop the oncoming hate

I can see the waves in the distance
White capped by the heavy wind
The sea level rises
The sea swells and bends

Washed away immediately, All you know and all you see
You pray to your holy father
He can’t hear you undersea

Where is your savior
When you are under
50 feet
of water
Drown! Asphyxiate! Suffocate! Flood!

XVIII. Daybreak Over A Sunken Kingdom (Floods II)

As day breaks, a grey horizon
A new day, an old world

Storms swirl, elsewhere in the universe
While our galaxy is forgotten
Nothing survives, impending floods
Into the void, gravity lost

Embers still burn in a hydrodynamic landscape
As the sun sears through the mist an edifice
Is revealed where it hadn’t stood before

The mountains of the north shore
Disappear into never ending space

Gone are the institutions of god
Gone are the religious now wiped from the earth
Gone are the insignificant
The humans, the scarred, the learned

Alone in the ocean of emptiness
Above in the pressureless deep
Beneath what the ignorant call heavens
Where all pain is vanquished

Suffering suspends when we are one with the dirt
All the subordinate drowned
Every Frivolous moment spent

As night falls, we finally sleep
As day breaks, agony is released

Swallowed by the earth
Consumed by the sea
And their insignificance, realized

Swallowed by earth and consumed by the sea
Swallowed by earth and consumed by the sea

XIX. Echoes of Silence

Waves of the ocean once heard
Now a distant sound in the cosmos
A lost call between us
Floats amongst the earth and the moon

Envision, Reenvision
Evaluate, Reevaluate

I reach out. Nothing.
Hand held out. Nothing.
I call out. Nothing.
Hand held out. Empty.

Imagine your coffin
A loud man, now silenced

XX. Soul Terror

Shifted, repositioned
Gone, lost, unforgiven

A ghost of man
Who once was
Alive in light
Disguised at night

Face like leather
Devoid of hope
Asleep in the gutter
Dirty and disheveled

Nothing saves, spirit lost now
Soul Terror, spirit lost now
Faith won’t save
Faith is false hope
Burn the heart
Scorched desire
Soul Terror, spirit lost now

XXI. Song for the Mournful

In solitary wonder
Falling a distance from touch

Dwell on memories not
Not again, Not again, Not again

Arriving at night
Preventing sleep
I ask not for forgiveness
For acts of temptation

From the sky
To the depths
But a raised spirit is
Sure to fall

No matter how I try
I slip back to the void