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Tour announcement! Xoth & Sarcalogos will be hitting the road in November. Venues will be announced soon.

FRI 11/11 Portland, OR
SAT 11/12 Eureka, CA
SUN 11/13 Pacifica, CA
TUE 11/15  Fresno, CA
WED 11/16 Long Beach, CA
THU 11/17 San Diego, CA
FRI 11/18 Tijuana, Mexico
SAT 11/19 Los Angeles, CA
SUN 11/20 OFF
MON 11/21 Santa Cruz, CA
TUE 11/22 Southern Oregon

Past Dates


Jan 03 The Emerald of Siam – Richland, WA


Jan 24 Famine Fest – Portland, OR

May 16 Northwest Black Circle Fest – Portland, OR

May 23 Panic Room – Portland, OR w/ Chemical Warfare…

May 24 Old Nick’s w/ Murrum, Hubris 2014

Jul 10 Tonic Lounge – Portland, OR w/ Competing, Snake

Aug 03 Ash Street Saloon – Portland, OR w/ Xoth, Headless P…

Sep 06 Slabtown – Portland, OR w/ Ceremonial Casti…

Sep 26 Project Pabst – Portland, OR w/ PANZERGOD, Witch…

Oct 22 Tonic Lounge  - Portland, OR w/ Deicide, Septicflesh …

Nov 15 FBK – Seattle, WA w/ Dilapidation, He…

Dec 12 Hawthorne Theatre  - Portland, ORw/ Exodus, Cemetery Lust

July 4th, 2014 – House Show – Seattle, WA
Hereticon,Dilapidation,Machetaso Profano,The Vaticunt,Progenitor,Darkmysticwoods,Tokul,Lightning Kills Eagle,Drone Strike, Sarcalogos

June 7th, 2014 – Uncle Sam’s Saloon – Spanaway, WA
Remember the Fallen WADM Metalfest

April 20th, 2014 – House Show – Portland, oR
Barbarian Riot Squad,Stoneburner,Mother’s Whiskey,Snakes,Nerve Damage,Annoying, Sarcalogos

April 4th, 2014 – The Kraken – Seattle, WA
Krieg, Skinwalker, Sarcalogos

TUE APR 1, 2014 - APRIL FOOLS METAL MADNESS! – Alhambra Theater – Portland, OR
Sarcalogos, FSA

Friday February 28th, 2014 – Portland, OR – Ash Street Saloon
Panzergod, Sarcalogos, Aethyrium, Grim Ritual

Sat November 23rd – Salem, OR – The Triangle
Sarcalogos, Boudica, Abiosis

Fri November 22nd Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theater
Finntroll, Blackguard, Metsatoll, Sarcalogos

Fri October 25th Spanaway, WA - Uncle Sam’s American Bar & Grill
Sarcalogos, Pre Embaled and Kranial Saw

Sat October 26th Aberdeen, WA -
Artic Grange
Sarcalogos, Toe Tag, Motar and more

Mon October 28th Seattle, WA –
2 bit saloon
SkinWalker,Reficul and A God Or Another

Friday September 6th – The Foggy Notion – Portland, OR
Sarcalogos, Feral Depravity, Hemorage, Machetaso Profano

Friday August 30th – The Analog Cafe – Portland, OR
Sarcalogos, Boudica, Echoic, Succor, Path to Ruin

Saturday July 27th – Track House – Olympia, WA
Sarcalogos, Countless the Dead, Immoral Majority, Crime Machine

Friday July 26th – Uncle Sam’s American Bar & Grill – Spanaway, WA
Sarcalogos, Progenitor, Massacre at the Opera

Thursday July 25th – Red Room Pdx – Portland, OR
Sarcalogos, Parasitic Ejaculation, Logistic Slaughter, Dead Conspiracy, Existential Depression

Saturday July 6, 2013
Sarcalogos, Gladius, World of Lies, Warkrank, Ion Storm, Tetramorphic @ The Val Cave – Salem, OR

Friday June 21, 2013
Sarcalogos, Blood of Kings, Ritual Healing, and TANAGRA @ East End – Portland, OR

Friday June 7, 2013
Sarcalogos, Livid Minds, Machetaso Profano, Crime Machine @ The Red Room – Portland, OR

Saturday April 20, 2013
Sarcalogos, A god or An Other, Honey Badger, Noise Offender, ZAN, The Drip @ Sandcastle – Richland, WA

Friday April 19, 2013
Sarcalogos, Ceremonial Castings, A god or An Other, Rutah @ Ray’s Golden Lion – Richland, WA

Saturday April 13, 2013
Sarcalogos, Last Bastion, Phalgeron, Gorgon Stare @ Ash St. Saloon – Portland, OR

Monday April 1, 2013
Sarcalogos, Hammered Grunts, Torture Rack, Nekro Drunkz @ The Tonic Lounge – Portland, OR

Wednesday March 13, 2013

Sarcalogos, Gorgon Stare, Blood Magic @ The Tube – Portland, OR

Tour February/March 2013

Tuesday 05 March 2013
Sarcalogos, Ion, Eternal Disease and Hemorage
Casa Sanchez San Francisco, CA, US

Sunday 03 March 2013
Krieg, Sarcalogos, Odium Totus, Breath Of Sorrows, and Spun In Darkness
Favorites Las Vegas, NV, US

Saturday 02 March 2013
Goreshack, Sarcalogos, Azathoth, Caffa, Maggot Colony and Farooq
Cyc – Chinatown Youth Center Fresno, CA, US

Friday 01 March 2013
Sarcalogos and Times of Desperation, Burnt Roach, Pancake Lizard, and Limbs
The Pink String Oakland, CA, US

Thursday 28 February 2013
Sarcalogos, Miasmic and Locust Furnace
The Little Red Lion Eureka, CA, US

Wednesday 27 February 2013
Sarcalogos, Witch Cult and Infernal Throne
Club 66 Ashland, OR, US

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013
Third Street Pub – Bend, OR –
w/Succor, Existential Depression, Death Agenda and Damage Overdose

Sunday, January 13th, 2012
The East End – Portland, OR –
Rian’s Great Escape – w/Witchaven, Cemetery Lust, Lucifer’s Child, Fornicator, Inebriator

Saturday, December 15th, 2012
Hail Santa III – Seattle, WA –

Saturday, December 8th, 2012
The Red Room – Portland, OR –
w/Succor, Damage Overdose, Death Agenda

Friday, December 7th, 2012
MALIBU’S – Vancouver, WA
w/ Violent Majority

Saturday, October 27th, 2012
The Track House – Olympia, WA –
Sarcalogos w/ Battle Axe Massacre & Murder Your Gods

Monday, October 8th, 2012
The Red Room – Portland, OR –
Sarcalogos w/ All Gussied Up, Odyssey & Echoic

Tour 2012

Saturday, Sep 29
Phil’s Radiator Shop-Pueblo, CO

Friday, Sep 28
Old Curtis St.-Denver, CO
w/Bonded by Blood, Steel Blades of Vengeance, Dripfed

Thursday, Sep 27
Bar Deluxe-Salt Lake City, UT
w/Bonded by Blood

Wednesday, Sep 26
The Shredder-Boise, ID
w/Bonded by Blood

Tuesday, Sep 25
The Rec Room-Yakima, WA
w/Bonded by Blood

Sunday, Sept 23rd
Sickness In September at
The Red Room – Portland, OR

Saturday, September 22nd 2012
The Charleston – Bremerton, WA
– w/The Jelly Project

Sunday, September 16th, 2012
The Red Room – Portland, ORAbigail Williams (Final U.S. Tour), Aethyrium, Grim Ritual, Sarcalogos

Saturday, August 18th, 2012
Jon’s Bday House Show Vancouver, WA – Sarcalogos, Nekro Drunkz, Cemetery Lust

Saturday, August 11th 2012
The Back Alley – Vancouver, WASarcalogos, Hammered Grunts, Speculum

Saturday, July 21st 2012
Carr’s Corner – Spokane, WASarcalogos, Rutah, Zingaia

Friday, July 20th 2012
The Track House – Olympia, WASarcalogos, Hellships, A God Or Another, Get Em Tiger

Thursday, July 12th 2012
The Red Room – Portland, ORSarcalogos, Feral Depravity, Gate of the Gods, Hyborean Rage

Friday, June 29th 2012
Rays Golden Lion – Richland, WASarcalogos, The Drip, Faus & Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire

Sunday, June 17th 2012
The Branx - Northwestern Black Circle Fest 4

Friday, May 25
The East End - Spellcaster, Panzergod, Witches Mark, Sarcalogos

Sunday, June 3rd
The Red Room - Nekro Drunkz, Raw & Order, Sarcalogos

Tuesday, April 10th
Plan B - Blood Etchings, Sacrament Ov Impurity, Infernus, Sarcalogos

Monday, April 9th
Metal Mondays at the 2 bit Saloon - Sacrament Ov Impurity, Blood Etchings, Sacrificial Slaughter (CA), Blessed Curse (CA), Monolith (CA), Sarcalogos (OR), Phalgeron

Saturday, March 31st
The Lazarus Pit - Bloodlust, Sarcalogos, Raptor

Spring Tour 2012

Friday, March 10th
Burnt Ramen – Richmond, CA Sarcalogos, Mexico Cabron, John The Cannibal, Funeral Stain, Ill Content

Friday, March 9th
On the Y – Sacramento, CAKnifethruhead, Times of DesperationSarcalogos, Plague Widow

Thursday, March 8th
Johnny B’s – Medford, ORSpellcaster, Fates MedallionSarcalogos

Friday, March 2nd
Rays Golden Lion – Richland, WASarcalogos, Cascabel, The Drip & Clockwork Theory

Tuesday, February 14th
BRANX – Portland, OR –
Abigail Williams, Chasma, Aethyrium, Reficul, Sarcalogos

Saturday, January 28th
Ash Street Saloon – Portland, OR –
Panzergod, Sarcalogos, Blut Der Nacht

Friday, January 27th
Twilight Cafe – Portland, OR –
Compulsive Slasher, Sarcalogos, Season of Suffering, Damage Overdose, Cemetery Lust

Tuesday, January 3rd 2012
AMF 300 Lanes
Portland, OR - Sarcalogos, Therapist & Alcoholocost – Portland Metal Bowling End of Season Party

Friday, December 30th 2011
Rotture – Portland, OR - Motorthrone, Sarcalogos, Aethyrium, Ritual Healing, Tanagra

Saturday, November 26th, 2011
Astoria Bar (cancelled and moved to house show) – Eugene, OR – Sarcalogos w/ Bloodlust, Elohim & The Entity

Friday, November 18th, 2011
The Morgue – Seattle, WA – Sarcalogos w/ Divinorum & Sacrament ov Impurity

Thursday, November 10th, 2011
The Red Room - Portland, OR – Silver Tongued Demons, Sarcalogos, Echoic

Friday, November 18th, 2011
The MorgueSeattle, WA – Sarcalogos, Sacrament ov Impurity, Divinorum & Raptor

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011
Twilight CafePortland, OR – Sarcalogos, Aethyrium, Caustic Misanthropy & TBA

Saturday, October 1st, 2011
Ray’s Golden LionRichland, WA – Sarcalogos w/ZAN, Odyssey, Mortal Remains and The Deep

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011
Red RoomPortland, OR – Sarcalogos & Echoic w/Guests

Saturday, August 13th, 2011
House Show Vancouver, WA – Sarcalogos w/Nuclear Wasteland & Guests